How do I get started

Thank you for considering Finfare for your next corporate card. Here’s what you should know about our eligibility criteria and how the onboarding process works before you dive into the application.


Who is eligible to apply to Finfare?
In order to apply, your business must:
- Be a business registered in the United States
- Be a corporation or limited liability company. Currently, we are not accepting individuals, sole proprietors, and other types of unregistered businesses.
- Have a controller (someone with financial decision-making authority or own at least 25% of the company) apply on behalf of your company.

Can I apply without an EIN or an SSN?

We do not pull personal credit checks using this information, but all applicants must provide an employer identification number (EIN) and social security number (SSN) as part of the application. This is a legal compliance requirement that cannot be waived.
Finfare does not sell or share this information with third parties.

Please contact us at if you have any questions during the application process.

Applying to Finfare

Here are the data fields you will need to complete the application.​

Personal Information
First Name​
Last Name​
Mobile Phone Number​
Company Information Legal Business Name​
Your Business Email Address​
Your Business Phone Number​
Business EIN​
Number of Employees
​Incorporation Type​
Date the Company was Established
​Office address
Controlling Person Information
Executive Title​
First Name​
Last Name​
Social Security Number (SSN)​
Country of Citizenship​ Home Address
Banking Integration with Plaid*
Bank Name​
Banking Account Type
​Bank Login ID​
Bank Login Password​
Last 4 digits of the bank account number for verification
Each Additional Cardholder
Work email address for each cardholder
First Name​
Last Name​
Mobile Phone Number​

*The banking integration via Plaid is required and will be utilized to pay monthly payments.​ Plaid provides an integration to most banks. You may integrate multiple banks with your Finfare account and make a payment from any bank account that has been successfully integrated with Plaid.​